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VVI-World: Blog of Bouke his Musical Trips

Music Alive Photo's

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music_alive_logoI shot quite some pictures during the day @ the Music Alive 2010 Event. It was a great day! You can check 'm out here. Note: these are Copyrighted, but at least I didn't ruin them by placing a FAT watermark on them and they are in Hi-Res, drop me a mail if you would like to place them on your publications.



JazzMutant at Music Alive

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Last weekend I went to the Music Alive 2010 Event. A free event where musical products are shown and artists do a performance or do workshops. Check the details here.

I recorded the session from Gareth Williams (JazzMutant). The first half of the presentation was the King Roc Live setup, very powerful stuff, showing how well it works. The second half was the presentation about a MAXFORLIVE object which integrates the Lemur in Ableton Live. It's a ClipLauncher, Mixer Control, Send Effects and Device control template. Instant Plug&Play from Ableton Live (no need for the JazzEditor anymore).

Check out the whole video (sorry that it's two parts - I couldn't cut too much away without sacrificing valuable info):



New Max version

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I just noticed Cycling '74 released a new version of Max/MSP/Jitter 5.1 (includes support for Max for Live). The release notes can be found here, the download is available from here. Note there is also a new 5.1.3 runtime available.

Blogging "MUSIC ALIVE EVENT 2010"

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I'll be live blogging the "MUSIC ALIVE EVENT 2010". Which is in "HILTON ROTTERDAM HOTEL - LE JARDIN Theatre Room + Upper Lobby". Check out the website for more details. I'll be shooting pictures and hopefully get some cool info on the announced Lemur/Ableton Live integration.

Nice! Maxforlive gets a 9/10

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Today I received the new Computer MUSIC Magazine. With a large: REVIEWED my eye fell for the 'ABLETON/C74 MAX FOR LIVE'. And there it was, on page 94 and 95!

Quite nice article, I enjoyed reading it. The verdict was very good, I quote:


  • Massive library of patches
  • Large user community
  • Capable of almost anything
  • Tight integration between Max and Live


  • A serious learning curve!
  • Full-screen Live with Max is messy
  • Only stereo/mono output from patches
  • No demo or 'read only' version yet

It also got three awards: Editor's choice, Innovation and Performance. Not bad at all! I agree with the most parts, especially the learning curve. But I have to say, the examples are excellent and the documentation is very good. I am enjoying Max for Live more and more. Today I've created the patch which controls the tempo in Live. Check it out here.

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